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The Kieslect Kr2 Launches with “Dual Core, Triple Speed” Technology, a 2.5D GPU Super Dynamic Display, and much, much more.

The Kieslect Kr2 Launches with “Dual Core, Triple Speed” Technology, a 2.5D GPU Super Dynamic Display, and much, much more.

Kieslect is a global, fashion-forward brand specializing in smart, wearable products, and today it officially launches the Kieslect Kr2 – winner of Muse Design Award. The “Dual Core, Triple Speed” watch stands out among the smartwatch pack with its dual-core, 2.5D GPU dynamic display. The seamless connectivity and smooth experience the Kr2 provides allow people to keep smart, while remaining stylish.
Dual Core, Triple Speed
The “Dual Core” technology utilizes both high and low (240Mhz/96Mhz) CPUs that automatically switch between tasks, optimize the user’s experience, performance, and reduces power consumption by 30%. All with an amazing 60FPS refresh rate on the display.
2.5D GPU Super Dynamic Display
The Kr2 smartwatch features a 2.5D GPU for stunning visuals and 3D effects. The large, 1.43-inch AMOLED display screen has a peak brightness of 1000 cd/m² (nit) for easy readability in bright outdoor environments.
Advanced Biometric Sensor
Two ultra-bright 3-in-1 LEDs, two independent light detectors, and advanced biometric sensors all work together to collect 35% more biometric data, and heart rate monitoring accuracy has improved by 40% with Kieslect’s new, advanced heart rate algorithm.
One Step Pairing and Calls
Kieslect’s 2-in-1 calling chipset and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity eliminate the complicated multi-step of other smartwatches in place of a simple, single-step pairing process for a hassle-free smartwatch experience.
Over 100 pre-programmed sports modes provide instant, comprehensive sports and health data right inside the Kieslect Kr2. Get a complete picture of your overall health in the Kr2 with 24/7 health management information, including sleep and heart rate monitoring, stress tests, Sp02 measurements, and menstrual reminders for women. The Kieslect Kr2 is now available with prices starting at $99. For more information, visit store.kieslect.com.
About Kieslect
Kieslect was founded in 2017 to create smart wearable solutions that fuse cutting-edge technology with forefront design. Our fashion-forward smart watches help both men and women express their unique sense of style and we continue to innovate and strive to deliver the best experience to our users. Now, Kieslect products are available in 68 countries and embraced by 12 million users worldwide.
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