Kieslect Calling Watch Kr Pro Limited edition

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Kieslect Calling Watch Kr Pro Ltd Double Strap

● Extensive 24H Health Monitoring
● Powered by Upgraded Kieslect OS
● 1.43" HD Colorful Amoled Display with AOD
● IP68 Waterproof
● Abnormal Heart Rate Alert
● For both Android and IOS
● 1 Strap Magnetic 1 Strap Silicone

kieslect_kr_Pro_ltd_smartwatchkieslect_kr_Pro_ltd_smartwatchKieslect Smart Watch Kr Pro LtdKieslect Smart Watch Kr Pro LtdKieslect Smart Watch Kr Pro Ltdkieslect_kr_Pro_ltd_smartwatch

Kieslect Smart Calling Watch Kr Pro Ltd

● Extensive 24H Health Monitoring
Kr Pro Ltd safe guards your mental & physical health by monitoring everything from your heart rate, sleep score, respiration, stress level to mindfulness content in real time. By using the Kr Pro Ltd’s incredibly Extensive all-day health features, you will definitely have a healthier life.

● Powered by Upgraded KIE OS
Kr Pro Ltd is running by KIE OS, an upgraded app self-developed by Kieslect.With better UI design and interactive interface, you can explore its comprehensive functions like checking workout performances and health reports while enjoying a smooth operation experience.

● 1.43" HD Colorful Amoled Display with AOD
Kr Pro Ltd features a stunning 1.43" HD Colorful Amoled Display with 466*466 pixels that is sure to captivate you with its vibrant colors and crystal-clear visuals. With the AOD function on Kr Pro Ltd, you can finally say goodbye to the hardness of constantly turning your wrist or pressing buttons to check your watch.

● IP68 Waterproof
With impressive IP68 water resistances, you are able to wash your hands and wear Kr Pro Ltd in the rain without any problem.

● Abnormal Heart Rate Alert
With Kr Pro Ltd's Abnormal Heart Rate Alert feature, you can now monitor your heart rate more accurately and stay on top of your health.
The Abnormal Heart Rate Alert is a crucial feature that can help prevent heart-related health issues.
It is specifically designed to track your heart rate and send alerts if it detects any irregularities or abnormal spikes. With this feature, you can quickly take action and seek medical attention if necessary.

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Ks\ Ks Mini\ Ks Pro\ Kr Pro Ltd\ Kr2


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Color: Gray

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